The "GIRL" Beneath

I was in my adolescence stage of life attempting to discover my true identity. That word would be summed up to my purpose. I sought instant gratification from my peers due to the lack of a father in my home, let alone my life. I was troubled mentally and the actions resulted in my vulnerability and poor choices. I wanted to feel this four letter word that is referred to as the "GREATEST GIFT OF ALL." I was in a war with many enemies. I kept searching for others to appear in my defense, but only found myself on the battlefield. I wanted to win the war that my soul had been toiling against since birth. I kept one scripture dear to my heart so that outside forces would resume being small to me. "GREATER is He that is within me than He that is in the world." 1 John 4:4 That word gave me the living water I need when life kept leaving me dehydrated. One failed relationship after another. Why am I keep experiencing this same undeserving heartbreak? I kept swimming on the surface until one day I allowed God to finally become my life guard and save me from the deep, troubled waters that I kept finding myself in. Isn't it funny how we decide to go to the beach without any swimming lessons and think that we should gain superpowers before going into the deep end? Then we blame God for the affliction when we knew the truths of the matter before we engaged in that activity. I always wore black as a kid. I figured I could disguise myself to fit in amongst others. I still became the sore thumb. Whatever is different about you will be revealed around others who aren't familiar with their identity either. You have to look beneath the exterior, the clutter, the affliction, the heartbreak, the disputes, the illness, the family troubles, and everything else that's impacting your behavior and poisoning your character. As much as I love good food, food can be medicine or poison just like people. Some people are attracted to the broken pieces that you act on unknowingly daily. You don't even know where it stemmed from because you never took the time to search for the girl that's screaming beneath your ornaments. We dress up really good as if the outside and the image that we portray is all that's visible to God. God sees all of your hurts, mistakes, shortcomings, and pain. Guess what the beauty about that awesome discovery is? He NEVER will stop loving you. He wants you to love yourself that way that He does. WITHOUT CONDITIONS! You ever noticed that God never tells us why he loves us? HE JUST DOES. That's who he is. He is what he does Whatever dream you have in your heart, just touch your chest right now and say "Because I have breath, it's possible." What's major to you is minor to God. He desires that you confront the curses, the memories, the experiences, the heartbreak, the divorce &the marriage so that you can discover that it was all used by the potter to shape you just for your purpose. Everything that you've experienced beneath the surface is preparing you to face destiny. Those pieces of you that you have been chipped away at are all apart of God making you whole. God recycles what others have rejected. People that have been rejected are accepted in the Kingdom. God doesn't turn up his nose at you because of your past. His face is still straight awaiting you to embrace all the goodness he has waiting for you. Enter into this year with a radical praise and a grateful heart that you have another year to accomplish your goals and be employed by the kingdom.