Below are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing, if you have other questions, please just send it to thehottesthair@gmail.com.

Question: Are your Wigs Glueless?

 Answer: Yes. All of The Hottest Hair's units can be worn Glueless.

Question: What unit should I purchase if I'm new to wigs?

Answer: I suggest beginning with a lace closure unit, because they don't require MUCH maintenance due to unit having a smaller parting space. (Closures have about 4-5 inches of parting space while Frontals range from ear to ear usually covering the entire front of head)  For no additional cost, I can precut the lace on closure wigs only, not frontal wigs due to the nature of each person's hair line being made different.

Question: What's the difference between closures and frontals?

Answer: Closures and Frontals are measured by inches which pertains to how much parting space you may have and how much of your hair will be covered.. The smallest closures are 4x4, 5x5, or 13x4 and they mean, the size of the lace. So purchase based on your level of maintenance. Ask yourself, how much parting space would I like, and how much lace would I like to maintain? The 4x4 and 5x5 would be considered a closure, while the 13x4 would be considered a frontal because the lace covers the full hairline from ear to ear.

Question: How often should I shampoo my unit?

Answer: We recommend you shampooing your unit biweekly or whenever it feels weighed down with product, whichever comes first.

Question: How should I store my units after being worn?

Question: ​ What is your return/exchange policy?

Answer: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We will ONLY accept Returns/ Exchanges when we've made a mistake. OTHERWISE, NO REFUND, RETURNS, OR EXCHANGES ALLOWED! Please make your selection carefully and READ FULL DESCRIPTIONS.

 Question: What's the proper way to wear hair under units? 

Answer: For Flat installs, we recommend small & Flat braided foundation directly to back for BEST RESULTS.

Question: What products should I use on my wigs?

Answer: We RECOMMEND Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner such as Dove Nutritive Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner, TreSemm Moisture Rich Shampoo & Conditioner, Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner. Serum: BioSilk Original and Fantasia Hair Polisher Heat Protectant.

Question: What's the difference between a custom and a pre made wig?



Answer: Custom wigs use the exact measurements of the customer's head and will fit specifically on "JUST" that customer's head. A premade wig run sizes Small, Medium, & Large Depending on the customer's head circumference. Shipping on Wig Units are Usually Within 7-10 Business days depending on the volume.


Question: Will The Hair Products grow my hair?

YES. Please be patient with the products. Growth isn't magical and requires some TLC. The ingredients in our hair products promote growth. Growth Oil will rapidly speed up rapidly.


Question: Is your Hair Good?


Our hair is excellent. We wear it to ensure the quality is upkept and consistent. Hair should be treated with care. We recommend shampooing and deep-conditioning hair weekly or biweekly. Use essential oils to keep hair moisturized regularly and heat protectant to protect from heat damage.


Question: How are your units made and how long will they last?



Units are made by sewing machine. Some units are pre-constructed by our vendor. Units will last 2-3 years with proper care from our Virgin Hair Collection. Our Raw Indian Collection last 1-2 years longer. Each unit will specify the circumference and can be ordered by your exact measurements to ensure a secure fit.


 Question: How do I order Custom Unit?


You're able to order your custom units by email @thehottesthair@gmail.com.

We recommend measurements and will send measurement requirements after your payment has been received.


Question: Will Hair Shed?


I don't make the hair and can't prevent it from very little shedding. We recommend sealing weft for an added level of security. We haven't had shedding complaints and customers continue to purchase multiple times.

Question: How Long Will it take to receive my hair products?

Answer: Hair products are shipped within 3-5 days via priority shipping.